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Diesel Gallons Conserved


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About Evolution

The Next Generation
Pressure Pumping Company

Establishing new standards in the fracturing industry, delivering cost-effective fracturing treatments, precise execution and control with a reduced onsite footprint.

Revolutionizing Frac Operations

See how Evolution’s electric fleets are revolutionizing frac operations at EQT

Cleaner Emissions

Best-in-class, clean-burning mobile natural gas turbine generator technology leads to GHG profile significantly below Tier IV and Dual-Fuel fleets.

Quieter Operations

Evolution’s electric fracturing fleet generates a noise level of ~ 85 dB at the well site, relative to conventional frac fleets which operate in excess of 115 dB.

Improved Safety

Evolution has engineered the next generation of pressure pumping equipment to improve the safety of personnel and equipment at the wellsite.

  1. Evolution’s electric fracturing equipment and single fuel source eliminate requirements for hot fueling or mixing of fuels throughout pad regardless of job size or length of pump time.
  2. With remote operations, NO personnel are required near process equipment during a frac job, eliminating exposure to high pressure components.
  3. Flexible, high-pressure hoses and large-bore manifold system completely eliminates hammer unions, reduces potential for leaks and drastically improves safety.

Reduced Crew Size

As opposed to conventional or dual-fuel fracturing operations, which require a crew of 25+ personnel, Evolution’s operations leverage automation & advanced electric technology to drastically reduce personnel on location.

Digital Advantage

With substantial investment in predictive analytics and machine learning technology, Evolution is constantly leveraging data to drive efficiency in our business.

Smaller Footprint

Evolution’s frac fleet boasts a 50% reduction in footprint relative to conventional fleets and 85% reduction in power generation equipment relative to natural gas reciprocating engines.

Unmatched Fuel Flexibility

Evolution’s aero-derivative turbine technology is field proven to run off 100% field gas with zero 3rd party gas processing.

Enhanced Uptime

With a 99.9% OEM stated reliability, aero-derivative turbines require substantially less maintenance than natural gas reciprocating engines, leading to less equipment downtime.