Electric Frac Fleets Rise From 3% to 30% of US Shale Market Amid Diesel Drop

pubs.spe.org | JPT Journal of Petroleum Technology

May 12, 2020
Trent Jacobs, JPT Digital Editor

US service companies are sending hydraulic fracturing units into overflowing equipment yards at the fastest clip ever seen. But one thing not likely to be found at these sites are the recently emerged electrically powered fracturing units, or “e-fleets.”

At the start of the year, there were about 290 active fleets of all flavors spread across the country, according to figures from Primary Vision. The firm, which publishes the US frac count weekly, estimates the active number was down to 47 at the end of last week—15 of which are believed to be e-fleets.

“It’s amazing that [e-fleets] accounted for roughly 3% of the market about 2 months ago and now they’re potentially about 30%,” said Matt Johnson, the president and chief executive of Primary Vision.

Three companies own this entire space which has been driven by the shale sector’s growing concerns over noise levels, fuel costs, and carbon footprints. Evolution Well Services and US Well Services, both based in the Houston area, each are estimated to be operating six electric pumping spreads. Midland-based ProPetro operates the remaining three e-fleets.

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