Evolution Well Services® Announces Patent Issue for 100% Electric Hydraulic Fracturing Blender

THE WOODLANDS, TX (NOVEMBER 2016) – Evolution Well Services® announces the patent issuance for its 100% electric hydraulic fracturing blender transport (US 9,366,114 B2).

Evolution Well Services’® patented electric blender design, as part of its NextGen electricfracturing fleet, allows Evolution Well Services<sup>&reg;</sup> to combine dual blender capabilities into a single transport. This blender is operationally capable of 120 barrels per minute (bpm) on each operational side with two blender units (240 bpm total) on a single transport.

Evolution Well Services® President, Jeff Morris stated, “As Evolution Well Services<sup>&reg;</sup> continues to perform fracturing milestones previously thought unachievable, Evolution Well Services<sup>&reg;</sup> leads the technology of our industry with this major advancement in hydraulic fracturing by combining two blender units onto a single transport that encompasses the same physical footprint of a single conventional blender. Evolution will continue to enhance our technology and engineering by burning natural gas to power our current 35,000 HHP electric fleet and our future 42,000 HHP electric fleet, currently in production. These solutions provide our clients with 100% electrically powered equipment and allow Evolution to exercise unparalleled control over rates, pressures and concentrations while delivering the highest quality pumping services. Evolution is proud to bring this value to the market”.

Evolution Well Services<sup>&reg;</sup> provides natural gas fueled, electrically driven hydraulic fracturing services by using a proprietary, multi-patented system that generates electric power utilizing a General Electric TM2500+ gas turbine generator fueled by locally supplied field gas or alternate natural gas sources. Continuing with further technological advancements within the electrically powered pressure pumping equipment market, Evolution Well Services has entered into an exclusive OEM agreement with General Electric providing the path for Evolution to develop built for purpose, enhanced power generation offerings for hydraulic fracturing operations.