Evolution Well Services, LLC & Arundo Analytics, Inc Announce First of Its Kind Digital Partnership to Advance Hydraulic Fracturing


THE WOODLANDS, Texas – (October 1st, 2020) – Evolution Well Services, LLC (“EWS”) and Arundo Analytics (“Arundo”) announce a partnership focused on next generation hydraulic fracturing operations. EWS, the leader in electric hydraulic fracturing, offers pressure pumping services to the major shale basins of North America, and Arundo Analytics is a global firm focused on creating value from data in industrial applications.

Evolution Well Services introduced its electric hydraulic fracturing services to the market in 2016, and in four short years, grew its fleet assets by 700% to become a premier player in the North American shale industry. According to Nick Ruppelt, Director of Sales & Marketing, “our growth as a company is attributed to the increased operational, environmental, & financial performance that EWS electric fleets provide E&Ps, but one major influence is EWS’ constant desire to be data driven. By partnering with Arundo, we aim to further push the limits of what is possible in hydraulic fracturing and continue lowering our customers’ cost to produce oil & natural gas in an environmentally friendly manner.”

Within the partnership, the joint team of subject matter experts and data scientists are focusing on use cases that deliver high business value, rapidly. Many hydraulic fracturing companies are just now focusing on cloud connectivity, but EWS completed its cloud transformation in 2019. The Arundo Analytics & Evolution Well Services partnership builds on a cloud-based and edge-enabled foundation to provide high ROI machine learning algorithms with a 30 to 60 day time to value (TTV). EWS began a scaled implementation of Arundo’s Edge Agent software and Marathon application that enabled the business to implement AI and machine learning models on the edge. By implementing models on the edge, EWS can execute on the analytic insights delivered by the Arundo software even in the most remote locations. Currently, the initial machine learning solutions are deployed in the Permian, Eagle Ford, & Marcellus basins, and the partnership will add to EWS’ ever growing “Digital Toolbox”. Stuart Morstead, President & COO of Arundo, noted, “Even in a very tough external market, EWS has demonstrated a clear through-cycle vision of bringing the best of practical, but highly advanced solutions to differentiate their ability to serve customers. We are delighted to have the opportunity to partner with Evolution Well Services as they accelerate their digital journey and transform the pressure pumping industry.”

Within EWS, the efforts are being led by the rapidly expanding Data Technology Team which is hyper focused on progressing the company’s digital journey. According to Connor Sinclair, Evolution’s Data Technology Manager, “we recognize the importance of data-driven decision making as a cornerstone for delivering value to E&P’s.  Evolution’s partnership with Arundo is an incredibly exciting milestone in our operations-driven digital transformation. The implementation of these fully autonomous machine-learning models enables EWS to continue leveraging the power of data and lead the industry with our innovative & technology driven culture.”


Evolution Well Services is the largest provider of electric hydraulic fracturing services and the only pure-player electric fracturing service company today. Together with the affiliated Dynamis Power Solutions, their patented green technology currently conserves an estimated 33,000,000 gallons of diesel fuel annually. For more information, visit www.EvolutionWS.com.


Arundo is a software and services company that empowers asset-heavy industries to operationalize analytics solutions, quickly.  Our mission is to provide practical software products and services that improve the operation of industrial equipment, systems and processes through enterprise-scale machine learning and analytics.


With offices in Houston, Silicon Valley and Oslo, Arundo provides cloud-based and edge-enabled software for the deployment and management of enterprise-scale industrial asset monitoring and data science solutions. Arundo’s software allows industrial companies and other organizations to increase revenue, reduce costs and mitigate risks through machine learning and other analytical solutions that connect industrial data to advanced models and connect model insights to business decisions.


For more information, visit www.Arundo.com.



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