Of Evolution Well Services’ Custom Designed Electric Fracturing Fleet

Evolution Well Services’ custom designed electric fracturing fleet is powered by a proprietary and patented gas turbine generator package. This ultra-mobile package converts field gas, CNG, or LNG into electricity, resulting in a 95% fuel cost savings.

Why It’s Better
  • Zero gallons of diesel consumed during pumping operations
  • Reduced personnel exposure to on site hazards
  • 50% smaller footprint than a conventional frac fleet
  • Emissions reduced to levels significantly below Tier IV thresholds
  • Eliminates NPT associated with maintenance intensive diesel engines, transmissions and hydraulics
Evolution’s Electrical Safety and Power Management
  • Fail-safe logic for all energized circuits
  • Multiple layers of software and hardware safety mechanisms in place
  • Advanced variable frequency drive technology enables precise operation and power conservation

Evolution Well Services’ 100% electric frac fleets are powered by Dynamis Power Solutions. Dynamis is a certified OEM packager for GE’s LM2500+G4 line of gas turbine engines packaged into ultra-mobile, built for purpose, hydraulic fracturing power generation units.

  • This mobile package yields pad move times of < 24 hours – no crane or forklift required for set up
  • The LM2500+G4 engine exhibits a 25,000 hour service interval vs. a diesel engine service interval of 8,000 hours
  • Turbine package is designed to allow for rapid response to power demand changes
  • Two trailers operational and transportable
Dynamis Power Solutions Website
240 BPM Dual Blender and Hydration Unit
  • No operator station on blender eliminates personnel exposure to silica dust, chemicals and the high pressure zone
  • Hydration unit has been engineered into the dual blender package, eliminating the requirement for separate hydration trailer on location
  • Each side of the blender can be programmed to run 120 BPM independently or in combination, providing unique job design flexibility
  • Closed-tub design provides rapid slurry density changes while also delivering high rates
7,000 HP Dual Pump Unit
  • 7,000 hp AC continuous duty motor with on-board variable frequency drive
  • 2x – 3,500 hp Quintuplex Well Service Pumps
  • Ergonomic trailer design allows for safe and efficient fluid end maintenance
  • Simple plug-and-play equipment connection, with a single cable supplying power and communications to each piece of process equipment
  • Three-level data van with first-level exclusive client lounge
  • Equipment is operated from top level with a bird’s eye view of location
  • All equipment on site is operated from the safety of the data van
  • 360 degree eye-in-the-sky camera system