Digitally Transforming the Hydraulic Fracturing Industry

For many companies, digital transformation is a buzzword, but for Evolution Well Services, digital is our passion.


Evolution’s belief in data driven decision making is key to who we are. At Evolution, we prioritize digital culture, data, and analytics as a means to drive efficiency in our business and empower subject matter experts to make the best possible decisions with the most valuable and effective data available.

  • Empower Evolution to make strategic decisions backed by quantitative metrics
  • Leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to gain operational efficiencies and extend equipment life
  • Deliver real-time insight to equipment conditions, maintenance trends, and operating parameters
  • Drive automation at all levels to maximize productivity and reliability
  • Integrate technology stack to drive collaboration, standardization, and partnership
  • Utilize vibration sensors, thermal cameras, drones, and HoloLens for advanced data collection and processing

Learn how Evolution uses real world data to maximize pad move efficiency and reduce downtime.


  • Advanced holistic equipment health monitoring platform
  • Translates operational data into actionable insights from historical trends
  • Desktop & mobile platforms provide operational flexibility


  • Mobile platform available to entire operations team
  • Provides instantaneous connection between field operations & office
  • Enables real-time decision making based on historical insights
  • Averaged a 10.36% monthly improvement in mobilization NPT since debut

Learn how Evo uses real world data to maximize pad move efficiency and reduce downtime.


  • Uses machine learning to define, influence, & adapt operations
  • Created via first-of-its-kind partnership with Arundo Analytics
  • Anomalous detection coupled with digitally enabled electric fleet introduces unprecedented level of operation
  • Shifting the industry towards a predictive operating model


  • Creates a central hub for advanced back-office automation
  • Enables strong customer support & company-wide data transparency
  • Provides the optimal foundation for even further digital innovation