100% Natural Gas Powered Fracturing

Evolution® provides electric hydraulic fracturing services for oil and gas exploration and production companies. Evolution® offers a complete portfolio of new electric technology of pressure pumping equipment, products and services to maximize the performance of any well completions.

Built-for-Purpose Equipment
Powered by Natural Gas

Evolution® utilizes custom designed electric equipment and technical expertise to deploy and operate 100% electrically powered fracturing equipment to stimulate production within our clients’ wells. Evolution’s® electric equipment consumes 100% natural gas as the fuel source to generate electric power for the fracturing operations.

  • Natural gas fuel is cheaper and cleaner burning than the diesel fuel that powers conventional hydraulic fracturing horsepower.
  • Evolution’s® preferred source of fuel is burning our clients’ field gathered natural gas. When adequate field gas is not available Evolution® can bring CNG or LNG to location via various partnered providers.

How it Works

Smaller Equipment Footprint Requires Fewer Personnel

Evolution’s® electric fracturing fleets are highly mobile, rapidly deployable and easy to mobilize and setup for fracturing operations as a result of the engineering, design, packaging and configuration of the electric equipment. This proprietary and patent-protected design provides for less overall equipment and personnel to be onsite.

  • Evolution’s® unique pump, blender, hydration and sand handling electric equipment provide a smaller footprint for the process equipment near the wellhead. Well sites with conventional equipment typically become crowded and dangerous with hydraulic fracturing equipment competing with wireline, coiled tubing and other service equipment for proper positioning near the wellheads.

Technology-Driven Controls and Monitoring

Evolution® utilizes the latest technological advancements in AC motors, speed and frequency controls to monitor and operate the various electric motors powering process equipment to provide exact measurement and control over the assigned tasks, while executing the most challenging fracturing treatments being pumped in the industry.